Rick Blechta - Mystery Author

Rick Blechta is the author of 11 crime fiction novels and novellas, several of which have been shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Award. Also a professional musician, he often melds crime fiction and music in his works to critical acclaim. His latest novella, Rundown, is the third in his successful Pratt & Ellis series. Blechta lives in Toronto with his musician wife and can often be found playing in clubs with his soul band, SOULidifed, and also with The Advocats Big Band. For more information, visit www.rickblechta.com.

Matthew Bin - Science Fiction Author

Matthew Bin is a writer and technology consultant from Oakville, Ontario. He parlayed jobs as a library page and an artilleryman into a pair of published books. Since then, a healthy mix of ego and altruism have led to national executive positions with the Canadian Authors Association and the Canadian Copyright Institute. In his spare time, he is the bassist and backup shouter in a punk band, a humanist wedding officiant, and a Canadian football journalist. His most recent book, Brendan's Way, was published in 2017 by Bundoran Press.


ManLoveRomance Press has something for everyone. From lust-filled, stolen moments to long, lazy afternoons of lovemaking to intriguing mysteries and fantasies, we have the adventures you're looking for wrapped up in solid plots with heroes you can love with a passion. Maybe even hate with a passion, but passion will be a part of it. Our authors are skilled wordsmiths who weave tales of mayhem, lust and romance that will set your heart pounding and your temperature rising. Intriguing, erotic, sometimes explicit, but always enticing novels filled with action, suspense and sultry goodness. Read us. Reading is man's second favorite activity to do in bed.

Violette Malan - Fantasy Author

Violette Malan lives in southeastern Ontario with her husband. People tend to ask her about the choreography of stripping – and she'll answer – but most of the time she's the author of the Dhulyn and Parno series of sword and sorcery adventures (now available in omnibus editions), as well as the Mirror Lands series of primary world fantasies. As VM Escalada, she writes the upcoming Faraman Prophecy series.

Find her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter @VioletteMalan and check her website: www.violettemalan.com

Nancy Kilpatrick - Horror Author

​Award-winning author Nancy Kilpatrick has published 19 novels, over 220 short stories, 7 collections of her stories, and has edited 15 anthologies, including nEvermore! Tales of Murder, Mystery & the Macabre, a finalist for both a Bram Stoker Award and an Aurora Award, and winner of the Paris Book Festival's best anthology of the year award. Recent original short works are included in: Nightmare's Realm; Black Wings 6; Black Wings 5; Searchers After Horror; The Darke Phantastique; Zombie Apoclaypse: Endgame!; Blood Sisters: Vampire Stories by Women; The Madness of Cthulhu 2; Innsmouth Nightmares; Stone Skin Bestiary.  Two new graphic novels are: Nancy Kilpatrick's Vampyre Theater and her story "Heart of Stone" in Tales From the Acker-Mansion. Thrones of Blood is a new novel series. Volume 1, Revenge of the Vampir King, will be out in January as an ebook and by April as a print book. Volume 2, Sacrifice of the Hybrid Princess will be a fall 2017 release.

Eve Langlais - Romance Author

Eve Langlais is a multi New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author who offers paranormal and science fiction romance, usually with a twist. She is hybrid author with over 90 titles published in a variety of formats including ebook, print and audio. She also has works contracted with St. Martin's Press. She currently lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and three children and is a member of ORWA, SFWA and NINC.

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