Limestone Genre Expo


​Writing Gender / Writing Beyond the Gender Binary -

Adan Jerreat-Poole (1 hr)

Learn about stereotyping and other common mistakes writers make when writing male and female characters in speculative fiction. In this workshop you will practice writing complex characters of many genders, moving beyond the binary and into respectful and nuanced representations of nonbinary, trans, and genderqueer humans and other species. 

The Ecology of Story: World as Character -

Presenter: Nina Munteanu, Msc., R.P.Bio. (2 hr)

Based on her third writing guidebook "The Ecology of Story: World as Character", ecologist / novelist Nina Munteanu will explore with you some of the major relationships in functional ecosystems and how to effectively incorporate them in story. We will briefly explore how ecosystems and ecological processes work and look at some of the more bizarre examples of ecological adaptation.

We will discuss how treating world and place as character will provide depth and meaning to story through its integration with plot, theme, and other characters—effectively grounding the reader in context and meaning. Through examples in literature of setting and place, we will look at how readers are drawn into story through metaphor, sensual description, and thematic integration through POV character. The class will then use the tools discussed to create a story.

Self-editing - Katherine Prairie (1 hour)

You’ve written the last word of your manuscript, but you’re a long way from finished! In this workshop with author and editor Katherine Prairie, we’ll walk through a checklist of key areas that need focus as you work from first to final draft.

Blue Pencil Session - Kelley Armstrong & Katherine Prairie

(2 hours)

Spend fifteen minutes with Kelley Armstrong or Katherine Prairie as they review and critique the first 5 pages of your work-in-progress!

*There will be limited spots for these sessions. Sign-up at the Expo*

The Art of Adaptation - Anthony DP Mann

(1 hour)

Actor ANTHONY D.P. MANN is also a writer and producer of internationally-acclaimed audio dramas for Bleak December Inc., specializing in the adaptation of classic tales of horror and mystery. His work has featured the creative talents of Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange), David Warner (Titanic, The Omen), Sir Derek Jacobi (Gladiator, Murder on the Orient Express), Brian Blessed (Flash Gordon, I Claudius) among other legends of film & television. As a filmmaker, he has helmed and appeared in five feature films, all currently enjoying worldwide distribution. Anthony can currently he heard voicing several beloved characters (including The Count, The Librarian and The Oracle) on the album Return to Frightenstein, a new audio reboot of the cult Canadian TV series The Hilarious House of Frightenstein.

Anthony is very pleased to be participating in this year’s Limestone Genre Expo, leading a workshop on the art of adaptation, in which he will be sharing tips and insights on how to successfully translate a novel or short story into a script that is both workable and entertaining. Topics covered will include script formatting, abridgment, and the do’s-and-do-not’s when taking creative license. 

For more information on Anthony and Bleak December, please visit:

Flying not Falling - Unleashing the Creative Mind

Ursula Pflug – 1 hr

We will do brief fun exercises designed to help us let go and tap into inner resources. Be prepared to take risks, laugh, read aloud and comment (respectfully!) on one another's work.