Limestone Genre Expo

Finding the Words - Therese Greenwood

Writing Your Memoir will help any new writer navigate the first steps in the writing process with practical tips and inspiration to help commit to writing in a judgement-free environment.  This hands-on workshop will help participants find time for writing in a busy life, describe experiences with vivid imagery, and recreate dialogue.

Motive, Beyond the Mundane - Katherine Prairie

Greed, revenge, protection – these are familiar motives to authors, but they often result in one-dimensional characters or predictable storylines. Join thriller writer Katherine Prairie for an in-depth look at the “why” behind actions and take away ideas to supercharge your characters and intensify your stories.

Burying Dead Metaphors - Alyssa Cooper

A dead metaphor is a turn of phrase that has been used so often, it loses its significance. New writers often fall victim to these clichéd turns of phrase in their writing.

In this workshop, we’ll be exploring different methods of creating unique, original metaphors, so that we can leave old fashioned tropes behind. A well-developed metaphor can bring your work – whether you specialize in poetry or prose – to life. The workshop includes three lessons – Using the Senses, Drawing Connections, and Flip the Script – that you can carry with you into your regular writing practice. Each lesson will include a writing portion, as well as an opportunity to share your work and receive feedback both from the workshop leader and from the group.